21 9 / 2014

Aaron Patterson (tenderlove) joins me to talk about Rails 4.2, AdequateRecord, Rack 2.0 and his brand new programming language.

Recorded live at RubyKaigi at their staff room with Araron, this is the third episode of my show done completely in English. It turned out really good. The last few minutes (kind of like an aftershow by itself) had a bunch of terrible jokes, and I love it.

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14 8 / 2014








( Rebuild.fm EP53 http://rebuild.fm/53/ )

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13 8 / 2014

Rebuild Podcast では、ソフトウェアエンジニアなどテクノロジーに関心のあるオーディエンスにアピール可能なスポンサープランを用意しています。


13 8 / 2014

Zachary Scott (@_zzak) and Yukihiro Matsumoto (@yukihiro_matz) join me to talk about Ruby 2.2, Gemification of the Ruby standard library and various Ruby conferences around the world.


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06 8 / 2014

Helios is a Docker orchestration platform for deploying and managing containers across an entire fleet.

06 7 / 2014

Naoya Itoさんをゲストに迎えて、Yo, Facebook 心理実験、RubyMotion, iOS 8, Parse などについて話しました。


スポンサー: COOKPAD ではソフトウェアエンジニア、インフラエンジニアを募集しています。

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01 7 / 2014

Yo API looks like a pretty simple and interesting publish/subscribe API system.

I created an account for my podcast, so you can send Yo to REBUILDFM and you’ll get Yo when a new episode is posted or a live recording starts. How neat!

BTW These notifications are also available as Twitter updates if you have a native Twitter app.

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01 7 / 2014

This guy must be relative to Steve Ballmer or something. So energetic and yet (hence) awkward to watch. #googleio

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29 6 / 2014

Goro Fujiさん (@gfx) をゲストに迎えて、Google I/O, Android L, Material Design, Android セキュリティ, API最適化, Android Wear などについて話しました。

Google I/O の翌日にサンフランシスコで収録しました。特別ゲストも登場してます。スポンサーのYAPC::Asia スピーカー登録は7/4まで!

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23 6 / 2014

If there’s one thing YAPC::Asia does better than all other YAPCs (well there are many), it’s how fast they upload the videos. They usually do it on Monday once the event is over the weekend before.

This year it’s different, because YAPC::NA, which just started today, has already uploaded videos from Day 1. Don’t know who is behind this, but I know it is a really hard task to stream all the sessions and then upload it in chunks to YouTube. (Although i suppose if you stream on youtube, encoding them into a video later will be semi-automatic)

Anyway, this is very well done, and am looking forward to watching the videos.