13 12 / 2011

a new tweets per second record has been set. According to a statement by Twitter, the Japanese television screening of Hayao Miyazaki’s “Castle in the Sky” hooked up 25,088 Tweets per second, more than twice the previous TPS record, on December 9th.

The article doesn’t explain Why/When this TPS record has been made: here’s more detailed article:

Hayao Miyazaki fans break Twitter record by casting magical spell in unison

Sheeta and her friend Pazu say the magic word — “Balse!” — to thwart the bad guy. […] Many of these tweets were from viewers typing the incantation in unison with the young protagonists. So in a nutshell, Princess Sheeta whispered “Balse!” and Twitter went insane.

Here’s the video of tweet stream around the time (around 4:55)

Hope this explains why this makes me feel more embarrassed rather than proud of :)

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