08 1 / 2012

Panasonic Lumix GX1 

UPDATE: I did more experiments with configuration tweaks.

I got Panasonic Lumix GX1 from amazon.co.jp (order placed on 12/31 and received the item on 1/1 - that’s an amazing logistics in Japan).

I love the performance of this camera and there’s tons of improvements over GF1, especially the horizontal meter, EXIF orientation and touch to focus ala iPhone cameras.

However, one thing I still don’t get used to is its high ISO preference and colors under the room light. Compare these shots (GF1 -> GX1 order)


GF1, f/1.4, Auto WB, ISO 400, 0.04 sec, EV 0


GX1, f/1.4, Manual WB (Tungsten), ISO 1600, 0.02 sec, EV +1


GF1, f/1.4, Auto WB, ISO 400, 0.05 sec, EV 0


GX1, f/1.4, Auto WB, ISO 1250, 0.017 sec, EV 0


GF1, f/1.4, Auto WB, ISO 320, 0.033 sec, EV 0


GX1, f/1.4, Auto WB, ISO 640, 0.017 sec, EV 0


GF1, f/1.4, Auto WB, ISO 400, 0.033 sec, EV 0


GX1, f/1.4, Auto WB, ISO 1250, 0.017 sec, EV 0

All photos taken with “standard” color settings and saved in JPEG (I know colors are not problems when you shoot RAW - I’m too lazy for that)

Simply put, to my eyes, GF1’s auto white balance produces more natural colors than GX1. It may not be what you feel, because over the internet forums, people seem to say GF1 produces more “yellow” colors and GX1 seems to have “fixed” it.

GX1’s auto white balance by default makes human’s skin color more red under the room light. With the “Tungsten” white balance configuration, the color gets more natural, and that’s probably an improvement. However the output looks like a very “light” touched photo to me - it may be because of its high ISO tendency.

GX1 does very nice job about high ISO processing but it always tries to take shots with high ISO, even under a reasonable amount of light. The default maximum ISO setting is set to 1600 - this may be a bit higher than optimal. I set it to 800 for now and see what comes out.

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